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Once upon a time in the old west, rumors about a hidden treasure buried in the local graveyard catches the attention of the bounty hunter known as Mad Micah. A man feared by every criminal, from petty thieves to big-time criminals. He wants to claim the treasure for himself.

What he doesn’t know is that a notorious, young outlaw by the name of Alejandra “Espectro” Esparza also got a hold of the rumors…

The game takes place decades after the incident at the graveyard. During the night when the characters met their maker, a blood moon lit up the sky and cursed them all. They are now forced to relive that night for all eternity.

Gunslinger: Blood Moon is a third person-shooter multiplayer-only game with a supernatural twist. The players are gunslingers: undead wild-west themed, revolver-wielding ghasts. 2 to 8 players will battle it out in the town where it all happened, to see who will be the last one standing. For now...

Install instructions

To start the game:

1. Extract the .zip archive.

2. Launch the .exe file.

To create a lobby, use the Host button.

The matchmaking system is experimental, and random disconnections may occur, therefore it is recommended to use the normal hostjoin system, this may however require opening your network's ports if playing across the internet.

To join a lobby, use the Join button.


Gunslinger - Blood Moon.zip 378 MB

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